About Bill - "I've been shooting for 20+ years. Switched to Digital several years ago and it's been great. The ease, speed and the flexibilty are astounding."

The BIO - the short version
Simply put, being a Photographer is great! Working in the oil fields, pipe lines and other tasks of West Texas, Bill knows heavy machinery is capable of giant tasks. Understanding these machines and being able to work with those who make them work and how they work, makes photographing them second nature. In the same light, things that go fast and make noise have also become second nature. WWII aircraft fit that perfectly. These are part of the reason for many years of Bill Crump's photographic success. All this while making life-long friends along the way. Fighter pilots, geologists, rock and roll stars, engineers, astronauts, painters, potters, and ranchers are among his friends, as he is to them. Photography is a way of life. Not a vocation. Having been described as "the most visual person I have met", Bill lives that description. Interested to a fault, in almost everything, he is always ready to shoot if not already on location. Involve aircraft and he'll beat you to the airport! His background in art and art history broaden his view. West Texas light has sharpened his understanding of its delicacy and power. Intense shadow is more than just a good place to get cool on a hot summer day in high desert. It makes a photograph.