January 2017 - Off to a new start with a new year and a new Web Design! I've put my Commercial work WITH some of my Aviation photography in a new viewer. Many Galleries have more Pics than are visible in the frame - use the scroller on the right side to navigate up and down.

Some Art Directors and Designers know me as an Annual Report shooter... some as an Air to Air Aviation specialist. I enjoy them both as well as the occasional studio gig. If you've got a project that you've got questions about, or the logistics involved in Air to Air, get in touch with me!

Galleries are located on the bottom of the portfolio page. I'm featuring just some of my categories. Heavy Industry, Energy Technology, High Tech and Communication Technology, and of course the Aviation Photos. I've also included my WWII Heroes of Aviation. Give me a shout and let me know if you like it.

Ever wonder how you get great Air to Air Shots?